Friday, September 27, 2013

The After Life

This shot of Agatha is a medium shot. We can see her surroudings as well as more than just her face. It is a triangle shot also. She is almost sitting in between the reflection of Dashiell and Arthur. Therefore, it is a three-shot. This shot is from the cameras point of view, a third person point of view. It is simply showing the pre-cogs life after being pre-cogs. When you first look at the shot, your eyes are drawn to Agatha. She is the main character in this shot and the light is on her. The lighting is sunny and bright suggesting that the pre-cogs are at peace. Also, all of the colors are earthy colors, like beige, suggesting happiness whereas dark colors may tell sadness or that something bad is happening. We see that she is looking down at something and as we look closer we see how she is looking down at a bookmark, a hollogram of her mother. The hollogram is the only thing in the picture that leads the pre-cogs back to their "old" life in the pre-crime lab. She wants to remember her mother and the hollogram shows that she misses her. At this time at the end of the movie, the pre-cogs are living in a cottage out in the middle of no where. They are free. They have stacks and more stacks of books in their cottage. They are reading books to suggest that they are having a peaceful life and that they are happy. To me, the whole entire shot just reads "peace". Their cottege is like their paradise, their happily ever after. They will not be bothered anymore and can live a happy and healthy life. The fact that they are reading books in the year 2054 is very symbolic because it is not futuristic to read many books day after day. It is suggesting how the movie is showing an anti-technology movement. The technology failed for their whole pre-crime experiment and now the movie is showing how they are back to books, rather than high-tech computer systems. I really like the ending. It is a typical Speilberg, "hollywood" ending, but it makes me happy to see how the pre-cogs lives are going to turn out.

Monday, September 9, 2013


I feel as if everyone has seem the famous Pirates of the Carribean movie series, right?
Well not everyone. Up until yesterday, I had never seen a Pirates of the Carribean movie. Being 17 years old, most people think that is crazy considering the first one came out in 2003. Finally, I saw the first one. And I have to say, I was quite impressed. Between the action and the compassion between the characters, I really enjoyed it. I think the way Jack Sparrow is portayed is excellent. The weird looking, sarcastic, yet serious pirate intrigued me to actually think about what his mindset was during the duration of the movie. Although I was laying on my couch, I felt like I was in a movie theater setting where the movie really catches your eyes. I did not want to get up to take breaks, just like in the theaters. Nor did I want to fall asleep, which may easily happen on my couch. Each shot was taken excellently in the way that I wanted to be in the movie, and in the way that the action looked phenomenal. You might ask why I never saw it before? Well, to be honest, the trailer did not make the movie look as good as it actually was. The trailer is everything because most people do use the phrase "reading a book by its cover" in movies. It is something that moviegoers have to overcome. The trailer is not everything and I enjoy that I learned that.