Friday, January 10, 2014

My Own Pictures

This picture was a picture I took this winter break while on the island of St. Thomas. My uncle to the left is walking out of the water with my two younger cousins. They were playing in the water and having a fun time. The picture is interesting because there can be two main subjects- my uncle and his kids, or the boat in the back right corner. Both are interesting because they are not centered and are in opposite quadrants. When I first look at the picture my eyes go to my uncle and his kids due to the silhouette shape of their bodies and how it seems like they are moving. Also, the three of them are in the foreground while the other subject, the boat, is in the background. Lastly, we get the rule of thirds in this picture because of the line of the clouds, then the horizen, then the shape of the waves. All in all, I think it is a cool picture.  
This is a picture of my beautiful dog, Snickers. Snickers is laying on my kitchen floor. It is intriguing though because she may be centered, but she is pushed very far back into the backgroud. While I was taking the picture, I got down all the way to  her level, to see the angle she sees from. We have the rule of thirds in the picture because of the lines of my kitchen floor. Also, I think it is interesting how far back in the picture you can see. We view my front door, and it looks like Snickers may be sitting close to it, but she is not. Further more, the colors in this picture all blend in together which almost gives the image a type of "vintage" effect. I think the different shades of brown gives off a warm feel to the image. Dogs are warm and so I think that these colors could represent that. 

This is a picture I took in St. Maarten of my brother and my dad parisailing.  To me, the subject is the parisail with my dad and brother attached to it. Others may think that the mountains are the subject, but I do not. First, I see the parisail all the way in the background and my eyes follow the green rope that leads up to it. We can barely see my dad and brother in this picture. I think it is interesting how they are more in the background while the mountains are the foreground. Also, I think the picture gives off a relaxed or happy feel because of the vibrant colors. The ocean blue looks very pretty and it mixes well with the green of the mountains and the blue sky. The parisail sticks out in the sky making it look like they are past the mountains, when they are not. 
I took this image over the summer when I was in Canada at a friends house. The main subject is the trampoline with the people on the trampoline and then the people on the paddle board. The image strikes me because the subject is not in the center which makes you want to see what is in the center. When I see the picture, I seee the direction of the water and the lines within the water. I think it gives offf, again, a relaxing effect because it suggest that the water is calm. There is also the rule of thirds between the skyline, the other islands and the lines in the water. Overall, I think it is a great picture because not one spot of the picture is empty. Every spot is filled with something pretty a viewer can look at. 
This is a picture I took right outside my house on my sidewalk because I saw a rainbow in the distance. The trees closer to me almost make an arc for the rainbow and right in between them you can see the rainbow off the right. This picture has very vibrant colors because it was fall and all of the leaves are falling and changing colors. Also, the rainbow is vibrant which just puts a positive effect onto the color of the grass and the trees. Lastly, I took this picture in November, and since the rainbow is off to the right, that is the end of the rainbow, the bottom. To me, the ending of the rainbow means the ending of the colorful, fall season, just in time for winter to start. 

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  1. Some very cool pix, Jamie. And you generally analyze them ell. Several feature deep focus shots where subj is background. Some feature negative space -- Snickers, autumn. See how eye follows sidewalk in final shot?