Friday, February 7, 2014

Props- Goodbye, Columbus

Chapter 1
1. The suburban phone book (4). 
2. The dresser (4). 
3. Brenda's glasses (7). 
4. Golf Balls (8). 
5. Brenda's tartan belt, white socks and white tennis sneakers (11). 

The suburban phone book is the most important object in this chapter. The difference between social classes is a huge theme in the book. There is a big difference between the rich suburb of Short Hills and the city of Newark. There is a huge class divide within the life styles. They have completely different life styles and they do not care to interact together. The book shows this because Neil's mom treats it like a piece of junk. She does not want to take the time to find it because she never uses it and it is just another piece of junk in her house of clutter. This shows how she does not care about the other social class and she just focuses on her own life style in the city. 

Chapter 2
1. Bermudas
2. White polo shirt
3. Tennis sneakers
4. White socks
5. Twin oak trees

The white polo shirt is most important here. It was supposed to be Brenda's "casual" outfit for dinner, but it is nicer than anything Neil usually wears. He thinks it's interesting how that is what she wears around the house, but that is her culture she lives in. The higher class always has something nice on and is very put together. 

Chapter 3
1. Pale cement lions 
2. Expensive books
3. Gaugin reproductions
4. Brenda's dress
5. The Patimkin's three color photo-paintings. 

The color photo paintings are quite interesting to read about. They are professionally painted pictures of their family and they are vital to their house. Brenda's family wants these fancy paintings around their house. It shows the upperclass in them and it shows the nice family dynamic they have. I think they are significant because Neil looks and observes them and wants to know more about their family. 

Chapter 4
1. The pool at the country club
2. Library
3. Cherry pits
4. Suitcase
5. Desk

The library is very important in this chapter. Not only does Neil explain that it is his favorite place to work, a lot happens between the black boy and the French art books. The library is significant beause it represents Neil's life. He does not have a fancy job, representing how he is a part of the lower class. Furthermore, Brenda asks many questions about his work and he answers honestly and how he enjoys working there. Mr. Scapello and the little black boy have also been looking in the same art book by Gaugiun and I think that it is foreshadowing that something is going to happen between the three of them.  

Chapter 5
1. Brooks Brothers Shirt
2. Old fruniture
3. The hundred-dollar bills
4. The running track
5. The grapefruit

Objects four and five correlate together. Neil and Brenda have a new routine of waking up in the morning, eating some grapefruit and going to run on the track. Firstly, I think grapefruit symbolizes the wealthier class because it is a fancier fruit. You would not see many poor people having a nice, juicy grapefruit every morning, maybe grapes or canned peaches. Furthermore, I think that the running track symbolizes Neil and Brenda's relationship. They are in love and they have found one more thing that they like to do with each other. Their relationship is growing long and strong and I think that this running is making it even stronger. 

Chapter 6, 7 & 8
1. Automatic Dishwasher
2. Diaphragm
3. Silver patterns
4. Synagogue
5. Wedding dress and brides maid dress

The most important item here is the diaphragm. Neil has oddly asked Brenda if she will buy one and she does not want to in the slightest bit. They had their first big fight over it because Brenda does not want to lie to a doctor or be embarrassed. She does not feel as if she has to buy one. She ends up getting one with Neil's company to make him happy. She loves him and wants to do anything for him. Little did she know they would continue to fight about the diaphragm after it was bought. Their second biggest fight was again over the topic of the diaphragm and it ended up ending their relationship.

1. Columbus Record
2. Wedding
3. Champagne
4. Light Bulb
5. Hotel Room

The Columbus record is very important. It is Ron's most important record. It symbolizes his college football career. Neil has always been interested in the record because he has listened to it from other rooms and heard Ron talk about it and then he had a dream of it. Him and Columbus are similar because they both took voyages into a new world as I mentioned in a parallel.  The book is named Goodbye, Columbus because Ron listens to this record and has a dream about it. It is a very important aspect to the novel. 

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